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    Agile, Kanban, SAFe, Lean Startup?

    We offer the simplest and most collaborative tool to drive your culture shift

  • How does Pick A Deck work ?

    Create your Space

    Choose your objective

    Start your assessment

    Register and create your own dedicated space (we call them "Casinos")

    Your casino is pre-loaded with a "Scrum transition" starter deck.

    You can use this one or create your own.

    You can easily invite other people to work on the same objective with you.

    Juste create a "table" and make them "players".

    Share your findings


    Distribute knowledge and improve

    For your Agile, Kanban and leanstartup transitions... and more!

    You can assess yourself, one card at a time, at your own pace, on your own or as a team.

    You can easily find who in your casino is playing the same deck and the same card, and use the information they decided to share on this particular card.

  • Tutorials & Demos

    The best way to get started with Pick A Deck

    Introduction to Casinos

    Creating your first table

    Running your table assessment

    coming soon..

  • Latest news

    September 5, 2018
    We are pleased to announce the launch of Pick A Deck Studios, a company that will primarily focus...
  • FAQs

    What are the subscription plans for Pick A Deck?

    There are 4 subscription plans:

    • DISCOVERY is FREE forever. This gives you the ability to try Pick A Deck with a maximum of 2 players and on up to 2 tables.
    • SMALL ADOPTION is 29 €/month. This plan brings the limits to 10 players and up to 5 tables. This is usually enough for a single team.
    • MEDIUM ADOPTION is 119 €/month. This plan brings the limits to 50 players and up to 20 tables. This is well suited for an entire department or function.
    • LARGE ADOPTION is 299 €/month. This is our biggest plan and brings the limits to 250 players with an unlimited number of tables. This is for company wide initiatives.
    If you can't find a suitable plan for your needs, please contact us.

    Is the DISCOVERY plan really FREE FOREVER?

    Yes. When you create your first casino, your plan by default is DISCOVERY. We do not ask for any payment details for this plan.

    Can I upgrade my plan easily?

    You can upgrade your plan very easily directly in Pick A Deck. You will need to provide payment details to setup your initial paid plan and every time you upgrade to a larger plan.

    Can I downgrade my plan easily?

    You can downgrade your plan very easily directly in Pick A Deck. You will need to provide payment details every time you downgrade to a smaller plan.

    Invoicing/Payment cycles

    We will take payment on the day you setup your first paid plan, then on the same day every month. Every started cycle is due. If you upgrade or downgrade, the new payment amount will kick in on the next cycle.

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